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OCCO Dinner Club


We bring the OCCO experience to you!

Our takeaway- and catering services make it possible for you to dine & enjoy OCCO anywhere, whether with friends, family or colleagues.

Looking to host your next meeting, birthday, or another special occasion? We can cater to every event based on your personal preferences. It's our pleasure to meet our customers' expectations and we look forward to bringing the Lebanese flavours to where you are.



We are proud to be able to host personal wine tastings at OCCO. A collaboration with the talented sommelier;

Simon Axéll-Thoor.

All our wine tastings are created to meet your personal preferences. Experience tastings with OCCO’s Lebanese house wines or perhaps you’d rather enjoy a champagne tasting.


All of these events are arranged and booked through Simon Axéll-Thoor and hosted at OCCO. 

Wine Glasses


In the same historical building of Hippodromen, we also have the spectacular venue of Spegelsalen - The Hall of Mirrors.

In this majestic space upstairs, we host gorgeous weddings, Christmas dinners and private events.


The history of Spegelsalen starts from the late 19th century when it became popular to build circus buildings inside the big cities. Malmö followed up this trend and in 1899, the property “Hippodrome” was completed. Over the years, the building has had many different functions, everything from a circus and entertainment establishment to a church and theatre. Today, the old circus part is used as a theatre and the Hall of Mirrors is still used for parties and weddings.

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