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The famous OCCO dinner club in Malmö, Sweden


Awarded the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Sweden for 2022-2023

The Famous Dinner Club
in Malmö

Lebanese Cuisine with Captivating Live Entertainment!


Welcome to the Original OCCO Dinner Club, where every moment transports you to the vibrant streets of Lebanon!

Here you linger, connect, and revel in evenings of live shows, curated wines and cocktails while enjoying the Lebanese tradition of sharing. Immerse yourself in our elegant ambiance in Malmö, and be a part of our enchanting world of magic! 

A selection of mezze dishes on the table, consisting of fresh meats, hummus, tabouleh, muhammara and pastries.


Over the past 10 years, OCCO has consistently set the highest standards for the Dinner Club experience in Malmö and Marbella.


Our aim is to craft an enchanting atmosphere where you can lose yourself in the enchantment of the evening. With mesmerizing dancers, talented magicians, and captivating live music, every visit promises a unique experience filled with delightful surprises. Join us at OCCO, where every night is a journey into the extraordinary.

Award-Winning Flavours!

OCCO offers a vibrant journey through Lebanese cuisine, where we celebrate Middle Eastern flavours. Our commitment to an unparalleled dining experience is in every detail.


From our tantalizing mezzes, carefully crafted with fresh ingredients, to signature cocktails and exclusive wines like the prestigious Chateau Heritage Family Reserve, we transport you to Lebanon. Experience award-winning flavours in OCCO Malmö!

Cocktail recommendation for the winter season 'Lebanese Mule'.


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From 5:00 pm


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